Reduce Belly Fat With The Help Of Exercise

Reduce Belly Fat With The Help Of Exercise

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Reduce Belly Fat With The Help Of Exercise

Fat storage is basically a survival strategy of our body. By storing the fats in our abs, which is less strained in any our daily activities, our body is able to store energy in the form of fat for future use.Working the whole-body or by being specific on the stomach, one can reduce stomach fat. Cosmetic surgery such as liposuction are highly not advisable coz it not only removes fats but also the fat cells. Fat cell removal from your stomach by liposuction and unhealthy everyday dieting will cause improper fat storage in your body. It gives a disproportionate body and it is highly advisable to reduce the fat on your abs by appropriate exercising.

I can relate to this article as I know from first hand experience just how hard it is to lose weight, and to maintain it. I wrote a book called Alone in the Storm, which has recently been published, and it is about an overweight woman who subconsciously put on the weight to protect herself from being hurt by love. She struggles with her weight issues, and in the end she manages to overcome them, but not before she learns some important lessons about herself and life.

Carla Cunningham, Published Book Author of Alone in the Storm

The website for my book is -, or if you’d like more information about my book you can email me at

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